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Welcome to Sim Racer Magazine, the world’s first commercially available dedicated Sim Racing Magazine. 

Sim Racer covers all the aspects of the Sim Racing world; with features based on currently on the market products, as well as sneak peeks into those that are currently under development, giving you an inside view on your favourite pastime. In the past we’ve had some amazing features, and often work directly with games manufacturers to get the best information possible. Our team of experienced writers bring their expertise to the magazine, with experienced sim racers, technical editors and well-known race-day journalists all contributing in some way, shape or form to the Sim Racer legacy. 

Free Issue of Sim Racer 

Below you can view a FREE issue of Sim Racer Magazine – call it a gift from ourselves to our readers; past, present or future. But remember, without the support offered by the Sim Racer community, your favourite Sim Racing magazine won’t be around forever. So maybe head over to our store HERE, and pick up the latest issue, a subscription, or maybe purchase one of our Back Issue collections. You won’t regret it!

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